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FHM Philippines launches Sofie Garrucho blog

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sofiepic.jpgWAS happy to hear from Sofie Garrucho that FHM Philippines has launched her hot, hot blog. Here's an excerpt from her first post. Also got the photo from her first blog entry:
First of all, I am so honored to be chosen by FHM Philippines to blog for them. FHM people, thanks for entrusting this to me. I will do my best to make it very entertaining and to make it into something that people will go back for more. Secondly, to those who supported me from the very beginning of the first FHM GND contest to the FHM 100 Sexiest last year, I hope you guys will continue to give that undying support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To FHMBB members, I am very grateful to you for being there with me these past 3 years. Guys, here’s another add-on for spicing up your day! *kisses* What is my blog going to be about? Well, it will basically start off on anything under the sun. But I assure you that I won’t be scratching out that sexy-naughty feel, just like in our favorite site FHM.com.ph There are lots of things to watch out for in my blog. I have been waiting for this myself. I would be opening up more of myself to the public. I would be sharing my opinions to everybody, share all my insights, and even post my own personal confessions. (you got it right, confessions! *smile*) What I’m really excited about is, writing and sharing how I became the Sofie that you have come to know. But for sure I won’t bore you with reading things that are all about me. I may be a little nervous about these things but I will never let myself get affected on how people will negatively react about me.
And here's an excerpt from her latest post:
Boracay. . . where the sun is golden, the waters pure and blue and the white sand is dazzling soft, truly paradise! But yeah if you’re already like a father of three, divorced or separated, a spinster or a retiree - this is what probably comes first in your mind when you go there. But in my case, hell no! *grin* It doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to appreciate nature’s beauty (believe me, I’m a nature lover *smile*). It’s just that when I hear the word Boracay, it means more than a beautiful sunset. To me it’s party and fun time with or without the sun. Yay! *hands in the air dancing* I’m sure a lot of you out there will agree.
Congratulations, Sofie! See you again soon :)

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