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Why I am for Gibo

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By Randi Alampay

1.   Why Gibo?

I like what he's saying. I like what he's talking about. I like how he's saying them.

More than anybody among the major candidates (Noynoy, Villar, Erap, Gordon), he's the only one who has kept his campaign focused on issues, and not on any negative issues about any of his rivals. Isn't it ironic that the so-called PaLaKa candidate is the most non-traditional as far as not engaging in mudslinging? I also like that he isn't simply focused on the short-term, but offers a clear roadmap for the future of the Philippines. More importantly, he's not obsessed with the past.

2. The other day, I heard Ben Diokno on the radio saying that it's easy to make promises during the campaign. Better to look at the personalities, to see who can actually deliver on those promises.

That's a valid point. But when I look at the individuals, I still believe he's the best candidate out there. He's still the one who's more capable, not only of delivering on his promises... but also in making the tough decisions. To me, he's the closest to what Jim Collins describes as a Level 5 Leader for the Philippines--one who exhibits a strong combination of personal humility and professional will.

3. Pero, there are other candidates who have those...

Level 5 Leadership means humility and professional will on top of leadership, competence, knowledge, talent, etc. Some other candidates are good, upstanding people, for sure. But I think Gibo has them beat on competence. On the other hand, there are those who can also claim to have Galing at Talino but fail miserably on personal humility... That's why Gordon is out for me.

4. But what about GMA?

I'm not voting for her.

5. But isn't a vote for Gibo, essentially a vote for GMA's administration also?

Really? I thought you said that Villar was the true candidate of GMA!

6. No, seriously... don't you think that he's tainted by the corruption of the past GMA regime?

I don't claim to know him on a personal level. I've only seen him speak once in public, and a few times on TV. But it must mean something that people like Ting Paterno, F. Sionil Jose, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, Bishop Oscar Cruz, etc. (people who aren't exactly fans of GMA, by the way) can vouch for his personal and professional integrity. Heck, even people from rival parties (e.g. Erap, Cynthia Villar, Gen. Danny Lim, Adel Tamano, Enrile, Loren Legarda, Duterte, etc.) have nothing but good things to say about him. Not just competence, ha? Integrity.

7. Marcos was also a Bar topnotcher. GMA was the original galing at talino. Look where that got us!

And your point is? ... I think that the lessons from Marcos and GMA are that "galing at talino LANG" are not enough. Character counts a lot. And I believe that character is what differentiates Gibo from FM and GMA. (See #6).

8. Akala ko ba, Coryista ka?

Still am. But she's not a candidate.

9. Two words--Ondoy and Pepeng.

I must admit that he didn't look very good in the aftermath of those two disasters. That said, I don't think any of the other candidates would have fared better, given the same circumstances. Perhaps Dick Gordon, because of his Red Cross experience. But I have doubts about how he would have managed the National Defense portfolio at the same time.

If we're so unlucky as to have similar misfortune happen to us again, I would want Gibo to be the man in charge. Because I think he, more than any other candidate, would already know what works/what doesn't. Plus, he's the one I would trust to keep his cool and his head during a crisis.

10. Even his party-mates are deserting him!

Gibo has run his campaign with honor and integrity from the beginning. People who pay lip service to Palabra de Honor are better off gone. Good riddance, I say.

11. Pero hindi naman mananalo 'yan e! Sayang naman ang boto mo

You're psychic now? In any case, surveys are irrelevant to me. May 10 is about voting. Not at all about placing a bet on who is most likely to win. My votes go to the most deserving candidates. Not necessarily the most popular at this point. (You should see my list of candidates for senator!)

To me, the only votes that are wasted are those that are not cast, and those that are cast for people you don't believe in. I believe in Gilbert Teodoro as President. He gets my vote.

12. O sige na nga, what IF Gibo doesn't win?

Gilbert Teodoro is my CANDIDATE for President. IF someone beats him on May 10, then that person will become my PRESIDENT. Duh!!!

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