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Jake Roxas and Lovi Poe hot sex in an X-rated film

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The sensual friction of two undressed bodies breathing faster and faster as it reaches the climax of wet and wild sex equals the beauty of Mona Lisa. For it is but a lovely work of art. The fired up love scenes, artistically shot by award winning directors Paulo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos, in the film "Walang Hanggang Paalam" freed the 20-year-old actress Lovi Poe from the suffocating dungeon of loveteam in local showbiz. However, when her debut film got rated X courtesy of MTRCB, several hypocrites on the worldwide web flooded local movie forums and entertainment news websites with nasty comments. The agendum was to ruin the reputation of FPJ's only begotten daughter. In fact, a photo sent to a very popular entertainment news site exposed Lovi Poe - covered with blanket in bed, eyes wide shut, sleeping soundly next to the main actor of the movie. This provocative image had gathered hundreds of netizens posting their point of view regarding the sudden transformation of Lovi Poe from a bubblegum girly pop artist to a serious actress. Some were constructive while others seemed to have found pleasure in promoting crab mentality at its best. Many thought she was a softcore pornstar in the making. Without having the movie seen yet, a bunch of wackos concluded that Lovi did rough sex scenes with badboy actor Jake Roxas whose nude photos, taken from the film, scattered on the internet. In spite of everything, the star of the hit TV series "Lipgloss" remains magnanimous. In her interviews, she explained that an actress had to do what the script demands in order to come up with a very good film. So in this film, playing the character of a bold 16-year-old girl who eloped with her boyfriend will underestimate the viewers' intelligence if sexual intercourse never occured in their relationship. It's like saying "Hey! I'm still a virgin!" Many of us must come to understand the reason why local mainstream cinema delays itself to leaping forward internationally is because most moviegoers and TV goers are brainwashed by loveteam - a system in Philippine showbiz interpreted by some actors as "a pain in the ass". As for Lovi, caging herself forever in stereotype roles is the last thing she wants to happen in her slowly but surely thriving showbiz career. "Walang Hanggang Paalam" got R-18 as reconsidered by the censorship board just a few weeks after it became controversial due to its X-rated brouhaha. The Paulo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos masterpiece is, by the way, part of the Cinemalaya-Netpac 2009 Films in competition.

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