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Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera as Darna of the 21st century

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darna_cv The rebooted fantasy TV series Darna on GMA 7—now stars Marian Rivera as the Filipino superheroine in red bikini-like costume—is definitely the upgrade of the same TV series in 2005 starring Angel Locsin. Not only because of its 24P TV mode format, which is so pleasant to the eyes so to speak, but rather the production and the kick major ass choreography of the fight sequences shown in its teasers. In the scene wherein the young Eduardo and Narda come out the door and run to hug the policeman (Ian de Leon), the execution was like one of those classic Columbia Pictures movies. Their cameraman surely rocks. Very nice. As we all know, Angel Locsin remains in our memory cards as the Darna of this generation, and please allow me to further add "the sexiest Darna", that no matter how childish GMA network try to put their year 2005 release to oblivion, people know the truth. Funny that up to this point, the Angel Locsin as Darna on DVD hasn't come out for distribution. In spite of the insistent request from the fans, the green light signal has stayed ambiguous. In my opinion, somehow, it's better that way. After all, that series was a load of shit. The only good thing about it was Angel Locsin and her hot body while the rest sucks. Talk about its cheap drama in 30P format, lousy fight sequences, too much posing of Valentina (Alessandra de Rossi) and Darna (Angel Locsin) that if you watch it again, it'll make you think if the scene is really going to be action-packed or if it's about those two wonderful mammary glands ready to make your day. As for Marian Rivera, I strongly believe the happiness she felt when she got the part. It wouldn't hurt, I suppose, if her haters would just let it go and give her a break because she's only doing her job. Reminds me of Rogue in X-Men cartoon series saying: 'A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.' Angel and Marian both look beautiful and sexy as Darna. It's just like having a different artist if it was in a comic book or even in an American cartoon series. Imagine the X-Men character "Storm" in "The Uncanny X-Men" during the 90's and the one in "X-Men Evolution". Same thing goes for these two lovely actresses. Honestly, I found myself smiling while watching Marian's interview on "24 ORAS" (a Filipino TV news program on GMA channel 7).  That was the time Ms. Wilma Galvante surprisingly announced who the new Darna is. You see, after Marian's statement, she was asked to give a sample on how she would shout "Darna". After doing so, I thought she was a tough female vendor in Divisoria or Balintawak. Her fierce voice showed everyone how it's done. Impressive. I think Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera are both at the top of their game. The girls are cool so let's leave them alone.

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