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Modern ideas in buffet table setting

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Glass Glass has become one of the most versatile and used material sin catering. It lends a modern and edgy feel to the table, leaning towards a more Japanese way of presentation. Even major hotel buffets have caught the trend. Appetizers are served in bespoke glass platters in different sizes, colors and patterns. In one particular buffet, an array of grilled seafood is laid out in a rectangular sheet of glass mounted on stone or wooden pieces. Chafing Dishes Many chafing dishes abound, that come in varied shapes and styles. But these dishes have become less visible on the actual buffet table. Where have they all gone? Discreet appearance is the key. Chafing dishes can be "sunk" into custom-made tables. Or they can be partly hidden by mock dividers made of glass, wood or even plants. Flowers Flowers have always been part of the buffet set-up, although they can eat up the bulk of your budget when off-season varieties are called for. An economical way of decorating with plants is choosing everyday varieties you see around you. A good example are Gabi leaves or anything similar with a sculptural shape and dimension. Gabi leaves can be found anywhere during the monsoon season. Two or three gabi leaves can be placed on a tall, cylindrical or square vase that has a solid weight at the bottom. Since its leaves tend to be really massive, make sure to balance the stems out by filling the vase with lovely pebbles or cut glass, which creates an impressive textured contrast with the smooth leaves. Boston ferns are also great to work with. Several baskets can be used and placed in tiers like a cake. On a lower scale, look around for delicate vines with filigree-type leaves and flowers. Make sure you dry run the vines you choose. Some vines will not last a minute and begin to look limp when cut, even when in water. Choose vines that look crisp and can last through the entire event. They give an air of romance when placed around the table and are a good foil for plain-colored tablecloths. China "Modern" and "minimal" seem to be the tag words in buffet set-ups today. A lot of caterers seem to be scared of printed or floral china. But certain feminine styles can still be seen ass chic and updated. Using floral patterns are tricky and need to be carefully utilized. But they are actually refreshing to look at on the tablescape and very charming for breakfast or dessert table settings. Floral printed china is, of course, a heavy investment and may well be used for private functions of 50 people or less. Linens For so long, pleated white table skirting was part of almost every buffet spread around. Instead, update the pleated skirting by using a textured kind of cloth. No need to create pleats or skirts. Experiment with colors and different patters. A geometric print over a plain-colored base can look very contemporary. In fact, you can do away with tablecloth all together and work with faux hedges or real plants to conceal the table's legs, if you think they are that hideous. On the rare occasion that you have beautiful solid narra or mahogany tables with intricately carved legsâ€

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