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Get a haircut and feel better

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Get a haircut and feel better!WHENEVER the blues hit me bad, there are a couple of places I turn to. However, only one place makes me feel like a new person upon leaving it. Maybe because I look like a new me too. That place is the hair salon. Bad hair days can dampen anyone's mood. When I feel like I want a new outlook, I have something done to my hair. Sometimes it's just a shampoo-and-blow-dry session, other times it's the works, like having it colored or cutting it really short. Getting a haircut to feel better works for me. Maybe the snip-snap sound of the scissors make me feel like my troubles are being snip-snapped away, falling to pieces on the floor alongside unwanted hair. Maybe feeling pampered and knowing you'll look better later on is reassurance that things can and will get better. A note, however, that experimenting with your hair during moods like this can be tricky! I go to my trusted hair stylist and know that whatever he does to my hair will be to my liking. The last thing I would want is to come out of the salon with a bad haircut and an even fouler mood! Have you gotten a haircut to feel better?

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