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Arroyo wants hybrid cars, urges green measures

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By Lawrence Casiraya INQUIRER.net MANILA, Philippines -- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is urging car manufacturers to bring in more hybrid models into the country while calling on the adoption of fuel-efficiency and renewable energy measures. "We await the arrival of the hybrid models that can shift from gas to electricity," Arroyo said in her opening address at the Philipine International Motor Show, organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI). The President took note of the presence of 15 major car manufacturers in this year's show. But a significant portion of her speech was spent calling on "clean and green measures." She called on the Senate to pass a renewable energy bill, which was already approved by House of Representatives. "We need the will of the people and the help of private sector groups like CAMPI to push lawmakers to adopt clean and green measures," she said. Arroyo also noted that local government units have been mandated to cut fuel consumption by at least 10 percent. "I've also asked municipal governments to convert their vehicles to LPG (liquified petroleum gas)," she added. "I am also calling on businesses to provide transportation for their workers until fuel prices somehow go back down," she said. CAMPI reported an estimated P90 billion of total investments in the local automotive industry, generating around 74,000 jobs in the country. It also reported nearly $2.8 billion in industry revenues since 2003 from locally-sourced parts and materials. CAMPI also noted the vehicle sales have been growing more than 14 percent annually due to remittances from the overseas Filipinoworkers and more entrepreneurs in the country.

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