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By Nikko Dizon

I almost lost my wallet today.

The day started quite normally. I covered a press conference at the Bayan office then had lunch with Nato and Tads. Afterwards, I went to a nearby bank to get some gas money.

I carry a huge bag, a birthday gift from friends last week. It's a fantastically designed piece of work, my bag. Maraming security features. Ergonomic. Hindi mabigat kahit may dala akong laptop. Siga ang dating pero cute din naman. BUT that moment at the bank's parking lot, I thought this bag failed me!

I couldn't find my wallet!! I was starting to perspire as I rummaged through my huge bag. Where was my wallet?? I wasn't worried about the money. I had barely P500 in it. I was freaking out over my IDs and cards-- my driver's license, company ID, credit card, ATM card, Medicard. And I had keepsakes in that wallet. Some I consider my lucky charm. My wallet itself, given by my cousin, was lucky. I never ran out of money with that wallet. I swear.

I drove back to the carinderia (which by the way served fabulous chicken curry!) to check if someone found my wallet. Nada. I decided to trace back my steps, back to where I had parked my car. Nothing.

I walked along Maaralin Street under the intense midday heat but my hands were getting cold and clammy. I needed to find my wallet. I asked some people at a sari-sari store if they saw a brown wallet on the street.

Someone said he saw another man in a white shirt with a plastic bag pick up something which looked like a wallet. The man had walked towards the rows of houses before disappearing into one of the gates.

The man didn't reach the end of the street, I was told. He was somewhere in there, in one of the houses or apartments. I had to find him.

I went inside a row of apartments and knocked on each and every door. No, sorry, I was told. They hadn't seen a man in a white shirt.

I was trying hard not to cry.

I received a text from Nato, pointing out some errors in my breaking news story (hehe). I called him up to tell him that I was looking for my wallet outside their office.

He came down right away to help me find it. Nato started to ask his neighbors and go around the area too.

Meantime, I reached this preschool with a white fence. The gate was open, leading towards a row of apartments at the back.

I rang the bell on two doors. An elderly woman said she didn't see any man in a white shirt. A middle aged woman next door told me the same thing.

Finally, I reached the second to the last apartment door.

I peered through the screen. I saw a man in a white shirt, seated at the dining table, his back to me. My heart was racing.

"Hello po. Ako po si Nikko. Hinahanap ko po ang wallet ko, nahulog sa kalye kanina..."

The man turned around and gave me a big smile. He adjusted his eyeglasses. "Dizon? Taga-Inquirer?" His companions were smiling as well.

I couldn't remember how I got to the dining table but I knew I gave him a hug!

He handed me my wallet as he told me he was about to call Inquirer so that I could be informed that he had found my wallet.

The man introduced himself as Ka Willy, deputy secgen of KMP (Kilusang Mambubukid ng Pilipinas). I've never covered KMP extensively so I've never really met Ka Willy or other KMP officials or members, except for Carl.

I was beside myself with joy and gratitude! I called up Nato to tell him I'm in KMP's office!

Nato arrived in a few seconds and said he heard "Oh my God, Oh my God!" outside the gate (hindi naman niya sinabi kung parang si Kris Aquino yung narinig niya) and assumed I had found my wallet!

And imagine, who'd ever think that the man who found my wallet was a colleague of Nato's?

To top it all off, KMP had just moved into their new office on Maaralin Street the week before!

What if KMP didn't have their office there? Ka Willy wouldn't have found my wallet. What if someone else found it, took the measly sum and threw my wallet away? In fact, Nato and I tried to look for it in a small basura site along the street, unmindful (?) of the stench.

Thank God to the kindness of people like Ka Willy, Nato, and the man who gave me clues that led me to Ka Willy, I now have this unassuming but very important piece of me back.

In the car, I inspected my bag again. How did my wallet slip out? I realized I forgot to zip close the part that was supposed to secure my belongings. Ahay. There was nothing wrong with my bag naman pala. Careless lang ako :D

PS: And why didn't I notice that my wallet fell right beside my car? Kasi, I was making a mental note to ask my cousin kung ano ang magandang brand ng hair iron na bilhin. Hehe.

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despite the negativity, kindness still abounds. i'm happy for you

while I'm often at loggerheads with leftists on ideological grounds, I respect them for integrity. many other much richer politicians would have taken the money, no matter how little.

Your so lucky that a true organized person was the one who saw your wallet and for sure even you did not see him it your wallet will be return to you.

Mabuhay ka Ka Willy.

You found Honest people more appropriately than kind people.
You are from an inquirer and they from KMP.... a story to cover.
That is double take.

you are really lucky! hope you could help us in our struggle for genuine land reform! :-)

Roy Morilla


The Philippines (SILLY-PPINES) is a shithole and the people there in general are stupid because they do nothing about the problems around them. They just blame it on the government and have no concept of responsibility of their environment or the well-being of their country. So the SMART, who are also the CORRUPT, end up taking advantage of the dumb ones, which is the majority of the country. So you can not blame the ARROYOS entirely. Blame the other millions of Filipinos who let this happen as the MAJOR PROBLEM.

If you tell them they are stupid, they get offended and start acting more stupid trying to defend why they are not stupid. Instead they should pay attention to why they are stupid and fix the problem to get out of that predicament.

Quite frankly, the government they have is deserving to the people of the Philippines because if the millions of people really cared about their country and their life, they would have done something about it long time ago. Instead they take it out on foreigners and suck everything they can from the visiting tourist or foreigner.

Than you have some idiots who say, “OH THAT’S NOT ALL OF US,” well it is because it takes 100% of the population to make a country and a people and so if some are and some are not than the country is already having issues with division, leave aside corruption, which breeds also in chaos.

Bottom-line, the people of the Philippines lack the self-respect and self-confidence to take care of the issues in their own country and end up getting screwed over by their own people. Than they smile and accept it and do nothing about it but waive an eyebrow and giggle.

There is also a problem of division. In the Philippines, the Philippine-Born Chinese say they are Chinese but in actuality they are Filipinos because they carry a Filipino passport but they look down upon the local “ORIGINAL” Filipinos that were there from the beginning. Than you have the whiter Filipinos who state that they are Spanish blood and look down upon the darker and the Chinese Filipinos. That country has a number of issues to settle and the only way to do it is for the entire country to RISE UP and cut the government off. Stop paying BIR, SSS, PAGIBIG, PHILHEALTH, stop giving to your Catholic Church cause they are using the Filipino people and take control of the daily affairs of your country and stop putting idiots and “SMART CORRUPT” officials in power.

Put one man in place from Singapore to run your country for 5 years. Turn the beautiful Philippines into a smooth running operation, benefiting ALL, so it can stand tall side by side with other countries with merit rather than operating like a failed democracy, where people squabble because one called another stupid.

Mistakes happend to teach us sometimes if not to dismay us from all our proud paradox of achievemets.
Good for a nikko who found himself a contact and anylize the array of situation to find the KMP office to shoke with KaWilly and eventualy meet with his ever sentimental wallet. Much to thank those people whom he had accustomed to after it. But to top the story everything happend for a purpose. There are more great thing to reason out why it got lost but it was fallen out of our accepted mistakes.

At some point I agree with you Jack.
The problem starts from schooling. Teachers are teaching the students on grammar, spelling and english composition.
So what happens, filipinos are good in looking for wrong grammar and wrong spelling.
They don't teach students how to express, speak up their minds and think but look for mistake on grammar and spelling.
You ask a question and they just smile with robotic answer copied from a statement.
This grammar and spelling wrong mistake error are in the minds of filipinos... they for look for mistake on the government. They look for padding prices and kickbacks.The result government projects are stalled, the development is derailed.
Filipinos are good also in vocabularies, that's why Marcos is called dictator, tyrant,despot, hitler, tuta, imperialist and lots of thesaurus words you can imagine.

And filipinos are good in criticism, blame, whining, all directed to the president.
But filipinos love fiesta. And presidential election is like a fiesta. Lots of singing, dancing,dirt throwing without political agenda or goal for the country.

As they say, let's start from the very beginning, a very good place to start. School, teach the students to be smart and not spelling and grammar expert.

Pinagpala ang mga mabait at tapat na naglilingkod sa sambayanan! Mabuhay ka Ka Willy, nakatagpo ka rin ng mabait na reporter. Salamat Nikko.

@michael - don't be so sure .

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I went through a nail biting tension reading your article and got relieved to know that you found it. Being always on the run we should hold on to our wallet as if it was our dear life. Forget the cash what about the cards?! what would have happened if the wallet went into the wrong hands? IT thefts and hackers....all the need is just a hint and your wallet would have been the best gift to them. Sorry for reminding you again I wish you well in whatever you do and may God works wonders for you through people like Ka Willy.

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