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Instant-on OS to hit Asus mobos

It looks like Asus is going to be adding a premium to their motherboard collection with the inclusion of Splashtop instant-on OS, a technology developed by DeviceVM. Image courtesy of Engadget What it basically does is provided users with a built-in OS saved on memory chip linked directly to the BIOS. Since it's stored on a memory chip that's integrated into the motherboard, access time is almost instantaneous as it eliminates the need to communicate with the HDD. The OS is a Linux distro that features Firefox and Skype which allows you to start browsing right from the get go. Asus is calling this new feature Express Gate and is already included in their P5Q motherboard line. They also plan to include it in future/upcoming motherboards as well so don’t be surprised when the day comes that you only need to set-up your PC and you’re ready to surf the net without having to go through the tedious process of installing Windows. Though a bit far fetched, Asus laptops might even become Windows-less in the near future as a result of this. Seriously, this is a welcome development because quite frankly, waiting for Windows to start is such a hassle. This new partnership between DeviceVM and Asus will not only bring Linux to a wider audience, but more importantly, challenge current OS developers to improve on their existing software.


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