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LG GD910: World's First 3G-capable Watch phone

If you think that this is just a concept device, then be prepared to be amazed because you’re completely wrong. LG has decided to come out with the GD910, the first ever 3G-capable watch phone that likewise boasts of having a touchscreen display, front-facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth, and HSDPA connectivity that maxes out at 7.2Mbps. LG GD910 3G-capable Watch Phone While I highly doubt you'll be able to take hi-resolution pictures using this, the GD910 does make for a pretty handy 3G modem that you can pair with your laptop through Bluetooth and will definitely be an interesting conversation piece at gatherings. Details pertaining to its availability and price will probably be revealed at CES 2009 where it is expected to make its grand debut. As for the here and now, it has definitely caught my attention though I really wouldn’t consider getting one if it does go on sale in the local market. How about you guys? Will you buy the LG GD910 watch phone if it becomes available locally?


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