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Acer Aspire One now Ready for Pre-order

Even though we have yet to see an actual 10-inch Acer Aspire One being sold in the local stores, that doesn’t mean you can’t reserve one for yourself right now. As a matter of fact, PC Corner is already accepting pre-orders for the Acer Aspire One 103 with the first batch expected to arrive on March 15, 2009. Acer Aspire One 103 now availabel for pre-order This bit of news is courtesy of Yugatech and will certainly delight netbook aficionados waiting for this highly-anticipated upgrade to the Aspire One. Aside from the newly designed body and bigger display, the Acer Aspire One 103 comes with the 1GB RAM, 320GB SATA HDD, Acer CyrstalEye webcam, WiFi, Bluetooth, 6-cell battery, multitouch-enabled trackpad, and is the first netbook to feature Intel's latest Atom N280 processor that's slightly faster at 1.66GHz. The standard package is priced at P25,500, but if you want to avail of the optional 3G module, you’ll have to add P2,995 for it. Likewise, they're also offering an Acer optical drive as part of a package which is just slightly a bit more expensive at P26,500. It might seem a hefty price for a netbook, but remember, most of its contemporaries in the market that offer more or less the same specs are being sold at around the same price point as well. So, should you pre-order one right now? Personally, I’d wait for the first batch of reviews to come out first before I make any commitment, but based on its looks and features, it looks like a pretty decent offer in my opinion.


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