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What is your money personality?

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THESE DAYS when quizzes of all kinds make it to Facebook amusing and not amusing one’s network of friends (recent quizzes include "Are you UP material?" "Anong university ang bagay sa ‘yo?" and True Age Test), a money personality test would really come in handy. A quiz like this would confirm your fears that you are a spendthrift needing help, or would give you cause for a victory dance if you’re really money smart. A quiz I took today showed that I am a balanced person. The result said: “People who exhibit a balanced money personality style enjoy making and managing money. They may view budgeting and investing as a game of sorts. Money is viewed as a tool that is used to achieve one’s goals. While they often have a budget, Balanced persons do not become overly uncomfortable with the occasional unforeseen expense or in purchasing the occasional luxury item. Balanced persons often feel that diligence, research and effort will reward them in the end. If they invest, Balanced persons tend to have balanced portfolios and are often comfortable seeking advice from financial managers.” Now that’s cool! My siblings have always ribbed me for being “kuripot” to the point that I write down every expense I incur every day but my mom comes to the rescue, saying I do spend for the things that are worthwhile. One of my goals is to make money every year, and so I am careful to spend within my limits. At yearend, I tally all my income and expenses and see if I really made money (net income). I think it is a sad thing if at the end of a year spent working, one finds net loss instead of net income in a personal income statement. So what’s your money personality? Take the quiz and post your result here. (Karen Galarpe)

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