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Ashitaba: The Tomorrow Leaf (Part 3)

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BECAUSE of the excitement generated by the Tomorrow Leaf, one guesses that so many people are indeed looking for relief from the many ailments that plague them or their loved ones. Of course, my doctors always stress that the best way to avoid getting sick is to simply diet (eat the right food and avoid junk food) or exercise (walk walk walk, or just move move move!). But then, weak mortals that we all are, we do indulge once in a while – sometimes more than just once in a while--in delicious ice cream, candies, pork rinds, and many other wonderful food that add to our weight and calorie levels. Thus, the rush to look for those “miracle herbs” like the Ashitaba medicinal plant that seems to tackle so many of the ailments that plague us in this modern age. One day, I requested Wilson Ang, the generous proprietor of Bio-Research, to lend us his lovely daughter Charlene to deliver a short spiel on the Ashitaba plant to the Tahanan Village Garden Club. She came with some fifty newly established plant stems and proceeded to explain the history of the plant and its healing properties. Needless to say, the Ashitaba has quietly become a hit in our village and is now sought after by many of its residents, especially since the once young contemporaries who settled the village have grown older over time. Others took our advice and have gone to Bio-Research in Sucat to obtain their own plants for both propagation and ingestion. I am now supplying some pictures taken during this turnover that took place a fortnight ago. The first picture shows a newly established cutting of the Ashitaba plant. These plants can grow into small bushes that one can use for pruning to obtain new stems and for the harvesting of leaves. The second picture shows the plants when they arrived, in a small box. The third picture shows Ms Charlene Ang together with some members of the Tahanan Garden Club and others who attended the turnover. The last picture shows the temporary planting site until the one being set up in a nearby place under the full sun would be available.

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