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Martin's mom upset over Pops interview, mulls legal action

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POPS FERNANDEZ'S lengthy interview with YES! Magazine indeed became the talk of the show biz world, considering the very detailed revelations she made on her separation from former husband Martin Nievera. While supporters had praised Pops' candor, her interview naturally enraged Martin's family, particularly his mom, Conchita Razon. According to reports, Chonchita was discussing with her lawyers possible legal action against Pops, YES! and the magazine's editorial staff over the article. Though Martin insisted that the best reaction was no reaction, Conchita was clearly upset over Pops' move, which came over a decade since their separation. A clear indication of how the article had affected Martin was a series of show biz tabloid columns claiming "sirang-sira na si Martin Nievera" and that his fans had dumped him over the revelations. YES! was unfazed by the threat. It insisted the article was not libelous and treated the subjects fairly, even alloting space for Martin's own comments though not in reaction to the Pops interview in the same October 2007 issue. It even offered Martin his own point-by-point interview to react to Pops' charges. Maybe Martin himself will discourage his mom to push through with the legal action. The balladeer would definitely want the brouhaha to stop so that he could live his life in peace and move on, not engage in yet another tussle--this time in a court of law. Ditto for Robin and Ram, who had suffered so much in the crossfire. * * * Television heartthrob Dennis Trillo was said to have been preparing a statement finally admitting that he is the father of rumored girlfriend and beauty queen Carlene Aguilar's newborn child. According to people close to Dennis, he actually wanted to admit this when Carlene announced she had given birth in the United States. But Dennis, they say, was merely giving in to the wishes of Carlene, who wants the identity of the father kept so that she would deliver and take care of the child without fanfare. In fact she told GMA-7 that the father of her child was a "Chinese businessman" to veer attention away from Dennis. Now Dennis wants to take this paternal responsibility, despite his matinee idol image. If he decides to admit fatherhood, will this affect his career? Maybe not. A lot of the top leading men had taken this route but never lost their luster and still took their careers to even greater heights. It's how Dennis should handle the situation that matters. * * * Camille Prats is reportedly set to walk down the aisle with boyfriend Anthony Linsangan in the United States this December. I'm sure this will be a grand event that people would most want to witness. I mean, we've seen this child grow up from being a cute child in "Ang TV" and "Oki Doki Doc" to once gracing the cover of a men's magazine. Now that another milestone would come her way, I'm sure it will be a treasured show biz moment. Oh yes, "Princess Sarah" getting married and giving birth is definitely one for the books.

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