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Cedric denying Vina's baby raises questions

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Is this a sign of trouble for singer-actress Vina Morales, who announced in September that she is happily expecting her first child and referred to businessman Cedric Lee as the father? All of a sudden, the child's paternity came into question. Was Vina lying when she indirectly revealed the identity of her child's father? Is Vina protecting the identity of the supposed real father? Is Cedric merely refusing responsibility for the child? Is this part of an agreement between Vina and Cedric to parry a possible concubinage suit? Is Cedric's legal wife Judy threatening to file a case? Are Cedric and Vina still together as a couple? Has Cedric reunited with his wife and kids? These were some questions on the minds of people who read Cedric's short but revealing interview with S Magazine for its November issue. In the article, Cedric was quoted as saying that the actress did not mention his name as the father of her unborn child, which was seen by many as a categorical denial that he fathered the baby, in her September 28 interview with "The Buzz." "I didn't hear Vina Morales say on TV that I am the father; she just said he's not from show biz and that there was no need to mention the father's name. It was actually the co-host of The Buzz, Cristy Fermin, who mentioned my name a few times," Cedric said. We got hold of a copy of the video of that episode of "The Buzz." He was correct in stating that Vina did not mention his name.  However, Vina clearly said yes to Cristy Fermin when the host asked her if Cedric was really the father and if he was willing to take responsibility. Here's the part when Cristy made reference to Cedric as the father of Vina's child: Cristy: “Pinaninindigan ba ni Cedric Lee ang baby mo?” Vina: “Yes po, very supportive siya. He will always be there for me, for my baby.” In its own report on Vina's confirmed pregnancy, the Philippine Daily Inquirer received an SMS confirmation from Star Magic, ABS-CBN's talent arm in which Vina is under contract, that "the father is her non-showbiz boyfriend Cedric Lee." Star Magic now refuses comment on the matter since "Vina is still in the US." Vina is touring the US for a series of shows despite her condition. In the S Magazine interview, Cedric was asked if the "rumors" were true that he is the father of Vina's child. He responded: "I am a married person and I have two sons with my wife. I am not part of show biz and I prefer a quiet life." This statement seemed far off from previous statements he gave the entertainment press. Without going into details, Cedric said in a statement months back that he had long been separated from Judy and were in the process of nullity of marriage when the issue of his relationship with Vina came up.  Also without elaborating in the statement, Cedric indirectly mentioned about a "relationship" with Vina, whom he said he met when he was "technically single," and added that Vina is not "a homewrecker." This particular statement was earlier quoted in several show biz oriented talk shows and entertainment columns, including the S Magazine article: "Vina is not a homewrecker. Vina will not knowingly, willingly, and purposely enter the relationship that would cause the breakup of a family. I've been separated for quite a while before I met Vina. In fact, I had two other relationships before I met her. When I met Vina, I was technically single. I'm in the process of simpifying my life and that means that the issue of annulment has been raised. However, I will not elaborate on this matter out of respect for the privacy of all parties involved, especially that of my kids." It seemed that Cedric intended to keep his relationship with Vina and paternity to the child, if indeed true, under wraps. To legal sources, it is apparently a logical move for Cedric because confirming paternity would mean facing charges of concubinage, a criminal act of husbands maintaining active sexual relations with a "woman not his wife," which is a legal action Judy can take against him. It carries a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment, according to Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code. As for the "concubine," the only penalty is "destierro" or “not (being) permitted to enter the place or places designated in the sentence, nor within the radius therein specified, which shall be not more than 250 and not less than 25 kilometers from the place designated,” as stated in Article 87 of the Code. But, our legal sources said, concubinage is hard to prove in court. But a common statement that Vina and Cedric may make that they are parents of the child could boost such a case against them, they added. Vina's September pronouncement apparently did not sit well with Cedric, or at the very least, his lawyers, given that the annulment case with Judy was still pending. Concubinage can still foster even if the nullity of marriage case is still ongoing, our legal sources said.

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