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By Anna Valmero INQUIRER.NET ACCORDING to John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adob e, the core focus of Adobe Creative Suite 4 is to allow creative professionals embrace the potential of interactive design and deliver consistent work across media platforms. This is âensuring it is the idea, not the medium, that is the message,â he said. To enable this, Adobe said the release of CS4 Design Premium allows quick trans fer of projects from Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign to Flash, DreamWeaver, Fireworks or Adobe Acrobat 9. To be specific, designers can create dynamic documents by exporting an InDesign layout as XFL file, opening it in Flash, editing text and graphics and adding interactive elements. Web designers can build prototypes for a website or web a pplications in Fireworks with Photoshop or Illustrator layered artwork. For Photoshop CS4, designers can do 3D painting, scale images with mouse draggi ng, as well as generate composites based on extended depth of field and 360 deg ree panoramas with seamless tones and colors. Object-based animation in Flash Professional software allows designers to conve rt 2D images to common 3D shapes and use 3D transformation tools like 3D rotate and Bones tool, which offers inverse kinematics to create chain-like animation .
FINE arts students from the University of the Philippines bagged the top prize in a recent Sony Ericsson competition for the best viral video, beating contest ants from Thailand, India, Singapore, and Indonesia. A copy of the winning Filipino group's video is currently viewable on YouTube. The group's director, Jaime Quiano, gathered nine of his friends and classmates to compete in the local contest in which they had to present a storyboard idea to competition organizer Sony Ericsson. The other members are Clarence Santos, Lilli Beth Gelvezon, Cathlene Samiano, Pocholo De Villa, Marius Talampas, Emme nuel Carandang, Frank Magalona, and Joseph Torrijos. The studnets won $5,000 in cash for the competition. They had previously won an other $2,000 in December 2007 for a local competition that decided who would re present the Philippines at the Asia-wide level. The group shot their video at a dimly lit street in the Escolta district in dow ntown Manila. The clip involves a big, balding bully who forcibly takes a "Shake Pop" bottle from a child. Unfortunately, the bully shakes the bottle too much, causing it to burst and kn ocking him off his feet. The child then draws a chalk line around the knocked-d own bully before walking away.



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