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By Erwin Oliva INQUIRER.net IF you're tired of using Twitt er (because of the annoying downtime mainly), you might consider flocking t o Plurk. After discovering this on Mas hable, I took the plunge and created a profile. A service almost like Twitt er, Plurk looks, er, cuter. Its interface shows a timeline of messages posted b y users. You can respond quickly to any user using a pulldown menu. As in Gmail, you can see the threads of discussions among users. No need to put @(name of twitter friend) You just click on a friend, and send your message. I t's that easy. You can also send private messages, post cute emoticons (which o ne user suspects is similar to Yahoo! emoticons), and choose one of Plurk's col orful verbs. By colorful verbs I mean literally verbs in different colors. The word "says" is in orange, "loves" in red, and so on. I started plurking today, and I found a lot of people/friends starting to move to Plurk. So because I've gained more friends, I have earned some karma points. Yes, you earn more karma points by being an active user (completing your prof ile, adding friends, etc.). If you get more points, you'll be given access to s ome special emoticons, among others. Let's see how this new micro-blogging sens ation will last when it becomes as popular as Twitter. Plurk me.



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