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Music has always been an integral part of the Filipino culture. Â Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting a
t MediaFireFrom the days of the vinyl records to CDs to digital music players, Filipinos have always wanted to carry their own music with them around. Some would downl oad songs and play them from their home theaters, some of which boast of high f idelity audio speakers (others actually think they can produce surround sound i n a 5.1 channel speaker set up with only a dual channel stereo source).  At any rate, Fili pinos do get around when it comes to sound production. Some are going after a c omplete surround sound set up while others go for a 2.1 speaker system that emu lates surround sound. Most of these are played on PC speakers. A few brands are already available in the market including Logitech, Bose, Altec Lansing and Cr eative.  Singapore firm Cr eative recently introduced a few new products, notably PC speakers. It introduc ed three new models, all of which are part of the companyâs high-end brand Giga works. Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting a
t MediaFireOne of the new Gigaworks speakers is the 2.1 channel T3, which delivers a muc h pronounced bass speaker courtesy of a new subwoofer design called symmetrical ly loaded acoustic module (SLAM). Unlike most subwoofers that use only two driv ers, the T3âs subwoofer uses three, producing deeper bass.  The T3âs two spea ker drivers are also has a low standby power mode when no sound is coming out o f them.  Two other Gigawor ks models are the T20 and T40 series II, both of which are 2.0 speaker sets. Ev en without subwoofers the T20 and T40 are able to produce bass, which may not b e as pronounce as it is in the T3 but nonetheless high fidelity.   Because they are small, the T20 and T40 are best used with small desktop computers and laptops. These can also be connected to an ordinary LCD TV to improve the TVâs audio qua lity.  Creativeâs most b asic speakers are its T3130 and T6160; 2.1 and 5.1 speakers, respectively.  While the company has been in the PC peripheral business in the Philippines for a while, its spe akers are by far its largest business, amounting to about 50 percent of their r evenues in the Philippines.  In an interview, Creative Labs Asia Sales Manager Paul Seow said the company is banking on the i mproving economy for higher sales, which also affects the buying patterns of co nsumers.  âAs needs become greater, Filipinos would buy products that are reliable, efficient and also fit their lifestyle,â he said.  Seow also said th e entire business for Creative in the Philippines is expected to about 20 perce nt to 30 percent, majority of which would come from speakers.   "Our growth in th e Philippines for 2008 was flat, which is good since other regions had negative . This means we're poised to grow our business in the Philippines in the coming year," Seow said. -- Alexander Villafania

'Hearing is believing'

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By Lawrence Casiraya INQUIRER.net UPDATE: Editor's note: Added URL of X-mini site. OKAY, so we journalists usually get nifty giveaways, but this one -- the X-mini Capsule Speaker -- stands out from the coffee mugs and USB thumb drives so it's worth mentioning here. x-mini-1.
JPG It's a portable "capsule" speaker (it actually looks a lot like a mosquito repe llent device), which sets it apart from the generic, mostly two-speaker types. It connects via a two-prong cable, one for your USB port and another for your s tandard 3.5mm stereo jack. x-mini-2.
JPG Best of all, no need to plug it because the battery's rechargeable via USB. So if it doesn't have its own power, what about sound quality then? Not bad at all , I'd say it's definitely better than those portable speakers you'll find in P8 8 stores. The package did say âHearing is believing.â I tried supporting that point with this video.



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