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Philippine poverty rate

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I AM no fan of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who I would like to see out of office sooner rather than later, but I do not  understand how some Filipinos seem to rejoice at the misery of their poor countrymen by quoting poverty figures out of context. If the number of Filipinos living on $1 a day is true, then I would expect to read thousands of my countrymen dying of hunger everyday. A Filipino living on $1 a day in the countryside may be better fed than his urban counterpart making $5 a day. A rural resident may not even have a peso in his pocket but he could have adequate sustenance from what the land provides. He needs not buy vegetables, chicken or pork which he plants and raises in his backyard. His clothes may come from one of the door-to-door boxes sent by luckier relatives abroad. I am aware of the hard times Filipinos are in today but please do not rub salt in their wounds by making them believe that they are really much worse off than how they already think they are. That's cruel. -- Francis Sarmiento, Ontario, Canada (via e-mail)

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