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From the eyes of an engineer

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I'M writing this piece as a dedication to my beloved country, the Philippines. It has endured long years of hardships and challenges. The hardships were of no equal. Beyond imagination. It endured tumultuous years, Martial law, coup d'etat, political noise and countless revolutions. I have seen how this country has fought hard like a fighter. Despite the barrage of punches it held on long enough to see another opportunity to get back on its feet. I love the Philippines, that's why I chose to stay. I love it because I have a country that I can call my own. I have my identity. Now I'm happy. I'm happy to see the Philippines slowly getting back on its feet. Crawling like a downed fighter but with so much confidence and courage. Amid the chaos it transforms this once lagging economy to a new workhorse of Asia. The Philippines may not be remembered as a rich nation in Asia, but it will be remembered as a country that endured and emerged a winner. Forget the skeptics. They do us no good. They are like poisons who desire nothing but to see us fail. To see us suffer. I have endured just like my country. Yes, but I did not leave in exchange for dollars and yens because I know I will soon rise up to my feet to help my beloved county. This is the country which I can call my own. Like my family that I'm always proud of. I'm proud of my country. I chose to stay, for good. I'm not in despair or in lack but because this country has given so much. I have my job, a decent job. A job that others can only envy. I have my family that I get to see everyday. And not sacrificing my relationship in exchange for the good life. I have a good life, because this country has given me the opportunity to enjoy it. Family. Church. Car. House. Good relationship. Friendship. And, I'm here in the Philippines. I chose to stay because that's the only way I can help my beloved country. But was I deprived of a good life? I don't think so. Others don't want hardships. They even cursed me because I stayed. Others say the good life can only be found when they earn "big bucks." Only to realize that they are wrong. Soon they realize that living in a country not their own is much harder than it seems. Relationships have failed. Families have broken up. Kids have changed. College fees are close to impossible. Yes, you may earn big bucks. You do spend big bucks as well. Others are clever enough to send the dollars back home, Thank you. But then again they cannot experience the good life they've been longing for. And, being a minority to say the least, you're treated unfairly and sometimes unjustly. But, they have no choice. They have to live with it. Raise the kids without the yaya. Work two or three jobs a week. Parents take turn watching the kids. Even Sundays are spent working instead of resting. And the list is endless. They have no choice. Who are they? You can hear them. You can see them. They are the ones who envy the Philippines. They are envious because the Philippines is already progressing. They are envious because the economy is booming. How they wish they could go back. I doubt it. They have no more face to show off after turning their back on this country. I have nothing to brag about. I'm just an engineer who is enjoying life to the fullest. I'm just thankful that I stayed in my beautiful country, the Philippines.

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