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Why basketball?

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IT is so disheartening to see that we Filipinos spend P70 million pesos on a sport we can never be competitive at internationally and neglect those sports where we can be competitive, like baseball and football (soccer) and other team sports. Personally, Philippine basketball has been too boring to watch because on the one hand, the country dominates regional competitions such as the SEABA [Southeast Asia Basketball Association], while on the other hand, we cannot even qualify for the any of the major world competitions, even by sending professional and Fil-foreign players from the PBA [Philippine Basketball Association]. In addition, politics governs the management of the sport in the country. Even the PBA has become boring to watch because even with all that's been happening -- the coach switchings, the confusing multi-player deals, etc. -- the quality of the games played hasn't improved. -- Marcelo dela Peña, Australia (via e-mail)

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