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Reader reacts to plight of Filipina sex prisoner

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A 17-YEAR-OLD girl, sold to lust-driven men, probably got an STD [sexually transmitted disease] along with her horrid sex experience. Not a pretty picture, eh? But, yes, it’'s happening and it'’s everywhere, even in France and Cote d'Ivoire. The story about the innocent girl turned prostitute is very depressing. I think that the people responsible for this should rot in hell. They don'’t have the right to manage girls especially if it’'s like this. I also think that the Filipino owner should be consumed by his conscience because he did something indecent to a fellow countryman. These things should never happen to guiltless girls. They should be busy with school, learning and dreaming of the best things life has to offer. They should not be bothered by dirty men that want them for a temporary high. -- Eunice Oquialda, Assumption College, San Lorenzo, Makati City (via e-mail)

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